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Welcome to Lands Of Paroria!

About Lands of Paroria


Legends and Lands of Paroria (LoP) is an upcoming fantasy mmorpg game utilizing the game engine of the indie game Minecraft developed by Mojang. LoP will push the limits of what Minecraft has the potential to become; adding in hundreds of new blocks and features that have never before been possible. We aim to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest Minecraft rpg experiences the community has to offer.

We are looking for people capable of taking initiative, engaging with the community, solving problems, working to improve the server through suggestions and actions, and creating a fun environment for our community. A certain amount of maturity will go with that as well. We're not a bunch of hard-asses, but please try to keep things within acceptable limits.

Recent News and Developments

This section will be completed once the website is online.

Want to play LoP?

In order to start playing LoP, there are a number of tasks you need to complete:

  • It is advised that you first read the Getting started guide in order to understand the server and our lore much better.
  • It is also important that you register on the LoP website in order to receive a generous welcome bonus!

Once you've successfully completed these tasks, you're ready to set your vagrant feet onto the Lands Of Paroria. Head over to our Server Information page and enter our IP address. Once connected, you will be greeted and from there, you will start your legacy in one of the most advanced and addictive Minecraft servers to date

Good luck!

Helpful and Popular Pages

All the information you need to know about the origin and never ending feud in the Lands of Paroria!

LoP has a lot of information regarding the server specifications, important links and IP address you need to know.

The information in this guide will save you a massive headache and a lot of confusion once you've set foot into Paroria.

There are 14 nations within the realms, here you can find information about their history, present kings and queens and what they have to offer.

Paroria has many different and unique races for players to interact with. Some offer quests, some are hostile and some just play a background role.

Custom blocks and items make Paroria an in depth role playing realm. Here is all the information you will need to know about the customs we offer.

The staff team are always on hand to help and moderate the game-play within the server. Not only this, there are staff members that work behind the scenes too!